Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Gorimapa/Bald Look..yes i am wearing a wig in the picture.

oya, let me give you pips the full gist

...sometime in November, when extreme studying, and exhaustion with life occurred to me,
i decided to cut off all my hair, besides the hair dye was also breaking my hair .
true talk, my hair looked like a homeless person combines with dry crayfish and it was horredious, in baba- suwe's word.. my hair was very suspicious..lmao back to my story, before i cut the hair, all the hair stores refused to cut, it giving me B.S story like deep conditioning blah a self reliant babe, when i got home i took my ever reliable scissors and cut the whole damn thing, let me explain,

...nooo i wasnt depressed, i was just tired of the lifeless hair.

i cut it, just like a guys hair...its was the perfect baldy, ..i was taking showers and washing my head every freakin shld see the joy in my face...pure bliss..ahhhhhhhhhh

so anyway, i bought 2 correct wiggs, that i put on my head when i go out..
..i know what you guys are thinkin, ..and NO the wigg never fell off my head..haba, have more faith in me, okay maybe a couple of times , i have had some near fatal occurrences with the wigg.... i went to BT, for job interview, i was staying my my friend, usually i take off the damn wig , when i am gisting or having fun, it constricts my style.

..anyway, my friend told me, one of her office guys was commin over for dinner, but he was pretty borring, so i shouldnt stress. i was okay, whatever, since the guy is boring, i wont bother beautify myself.
(beautifying = puting the wigg on, applying powder, mascara, lipgloss, the whole pancake

..anyway the guy came, and i was with my gorimapa/bald head, playing and talking, after like 4 hours , he said we should go out for , drinks,.

ehmm did this boy say drinks ..yeparipah, extreme shock , infact totally stunned, see how my brain was calculating faster than excel...damn!!!!
..thats how , i decided i will just rush up, and come back and act as if nothing changed, maybe the boy will not notice than my hairstyle changed within 2 secs..flat... i told the bro to give me a sec, thats how toyin -t ran upstairs to put on my wigg, while i also sent 2 express prayer request to baba God, pronto!...
1: Dont let this boy remember i was with my gorimapa/bald head before..
2: pls Lord, dont let him remember, dont let him remeber..(added some speaking in tongues here for jara..)

anyway, as i got down,
...he was like whoa!!! what happened ???.

TT's reaction, was priceless,
i was very calm, and acted both shocked and surprised
huh.., what is this homie talking about,
of course, there is nothing different about how i look, .. NoW!,
... abi??

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Geisha tagged me, so now my yarsh is in the open air ..hahaha it goes...

names i go by
  • TT, toyin peperempe, omo-labi eyin lari(we gave birth , it is teeth we see..haha), breakable, Nigerian nightmare ..okay i guess i should stop..
2 things i am wearing right now
....ehm..em..slight cough..hahah, you this girl, u want me 2 show my self haba...okay oh
  • pink socks and victoria secret body bra..hahah.
2 things i want to have in a relationship
  • ..hmn..laughter, smiles...the rest can always take care of it self.
2 of my favorite things to do.
  • really talk a lot..true,
  • dance, take long walks
  • read...okay i had to add this,mummy toyintomato would be mad, if i dont
two things i want really badly.
  • samsung 40 inch flat screen...haha i know, my mouth is 2 big
  • BMW x5....just /
so that i dont look like my mouth has diarrhea.., i would also like .....oh i give up, i just want my T.V

2 pets i had to have..
ehm..wetin concern agbero with overload, did this girl say pets...

anyway as a correct yoruba girl, my dear mother told me that i don't need pets as long as i have a very big extended family.
  • instead i do plants/flowers, i have a nice 4 potted plant garden..growing nicely..hahah
2 things i did last nite.
  • sent a text to my crush that i felt like kissing him....unfortunately the nonsense and konkobility stupid boy refused to reply me...ori mi oh, see my life....hahahah
  • listen to asa on the
2 things i ate last nite.
  • 7pm= turkey sandwich and yogurt.. haba i am on a diet, this figure 8 sepe-sepe..must come(copyright Shina peters...hmnn i wonder is shina-P still alive???)
2 people i talked to
  • my home girl from Boston,she was in traffic/goes slow ..and needed some of my ever reliable , this is not a counterfeit talk-talk mouth to keep her
  • my mum, they have a new housemaid, ...and it is a boy...naija housemaids= plenty hilarocious hilarity drama.
2 things i am doin right now
  • chilling like chin-chin ....hisss ....norrin of online typing this!
2 longest car i have to agree with geisha
  • driving down to kankon, my high school, on the outskirts of Lagos/badagry
  • driving down in the ekene dili chukwu bus for my Nysc in isia-langua..i cant remember the state...i am so sure i have completely murdered the igbo names...."everybody bend down for the arrow!" , TT is shootin some language bombs...hahhahah
2 fav holidays..
duh!!! of course..all the holidays..abi didn't they call it holiday..kilode!..everyday is a parry for me...

fav beverages.
  • just water...i know borin!
  • Grean tea..okay i know its not a beverage ..shh, abeg wetin concern me ..
person no longer alive i'd like to talk to.
..hmnn cant think of any

....ehh, ehh, flashing light bulb in my brain.., i think i got tagged a while back here for that post.

damn.. am so sorry i will catch up on the previous comments later.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

i got hit with Lemons...i made a DaMn good LeMonade!! haha

so where do i start with all the splendiferous dramatilizations of my dramatic

i passed my MSc. Finance comprehensive exam...yeah! 6 hr exam is no joke... remembering all i have learnt from my very first fact i have to stop my self here, and congratulate, baba God, for giving me this brain.

..big Gbosa and splendorous Thank you 2 Baba God.. kilode.
answering 12 questions covering all the classes in my no joke

anyway back to another topic.. fortunately, they refused to graduate me, after passing the pass/ fail exam, i got a nonsense letter about me not takin statistic foundation class...

anyway to save the unnecessary and jagbanjantis talk, and ...i agreed to take the class online , the skool is payin for everything, since they messed up.. anyway ."the devil is a liar" i will g
raduate in February.

so i have 3 months , well its 2 months now, to chill, all expense paid, while i take foundation statistics.. to which i have already passed the pre-requisites classes,...hahah

after effects of studying nonstop for 3monts, no gym, no contact with people , no T.V, just me my textbooks lots of crappy fast food and my new boo " the library" = 6pounds weight gain..okay maybe its 71/2 pounds

so whats been happening in blog world, i see omosewa has gone private..kilode,
i haven't really made my blogg rounds yet, so i am little stale on info.

thanks for all the comments,Christmas and happy new year greetings...expect the toyin-toma to hit up everyone's bloggs soon.
more gist also commin up,

1- discombobulated crazy guy stalkin me..(notice new vocab)

2- princess toyin-t , from Africa harassing human resource personnel...haha,
3- toyin-t gone wild in newyork and new jersey...."my drink and my 2 step"...
4- kilode toyin peperembe is being beautified...beyonce move over, rihanna take cover..

i really need to be less corny..its 2008!
toyin.., umbrella, ella, eh eh eh...lmao