Monday, September 22, 2008

his name is ERIC!!!

Eric, and i have become very good friends, fortunately i can never recognize him. this is the tory of how i met Eric,

after a long and exhausting and totally excruiating day( wey dem.. i used big grammer...a round of applause for me)
so back to the gist, at precisely 3 :23 am..(don't worry i know the exact time)
thats how madam Tot- starting hearing

oh Eric!..OH! ..oh!.. Oh ERIC

thats how i open just one eye look at my bedside clock..3:20am , i adjusted my sleeping position, checked my windows and put my sleep back in cruise control and carry go.

**hiss , nonsense neighbors.. trying to wake madam T up inbetween my sweet fanimorous, fantastic and inactual fact joloful sleep

2:23 am- ERIC, ERIC...ERIC......haba winsh ones is this Eric...(*this early momo)

2: 37 am - gboom!!!, gboom!!! haba see me see trouble my wall is vibrating

Mr Eric was getting his grind on at my own expense
.options to consider

1: hit the wall back with a stick
2: call the cops - complain about noise disturbance
3; ignore him , the average **** (fill in the gap) rate is 20 mins, he will soon tire

i choose option 3, you people know how i LUrve my sleep. by now my anger was raised to power 5 ... but as a correct babe i checked the anger .. quick quick..

finally my sleep ran way, and gbeboruniciousnities took over , i decided to see , how long Mr Eric can go on
4:am- everyTHing is quiet
4:10am- Mr Eric started again
4:28 am - Mr Eric stopped
5:12 am - Mr Eric started again

Haba ..serious vexation of the highest order, abi these oloribuku's dont have work this morning it 5am, i have lost 2 hours of sleep.
..i refuse to get angry, you know am single "wink"..i don't want to act like a frustrated desperado..hahah

6am- No way, Mr Eric is still goin strong.

Due to my utmost respect for Mr Eric in achieving this unbelievable feat for 3hrs, i decided to call in to work late to honor him and listen for his GRAND FINALE..

unfortunately.. i fell asleep!!!.. SEE MY LIFE ..

but i know i can always recognize Mr Eric- i got his


Sunday, September 21, 2008

yePAAH- see my Life

in actual fact i am totally horrifies, No wrong word, , i am totally embarrassment and disgraced.
the last time i blogged was in May, this is September.

..everyone begged, they sent email, the made phone calls, ..and my stupid, gbense, stubborn head, refused to make time ... i busy chasing boy up and down boston , and now "boy " has gone, so am back to being single again, ...hahaha

..shhh, now i have to add this to my list of things i don't see thru.

anyway..AM BAAAAACK!!!, this might not be too regular but i will at least try.

to get myself back into the "inner circle of Blogville"

MAdam Tot- aka toyintomato is back,
decided to be 2008 compliant