Thursday, November 8, 2007

Disapearing Act

my finals are coming up.

so it is with much craftiness. ToyinT is performing her usual disappearing

need to study hard, i don't want TO GIVE mummy toyintomato, a reason to fly down here and give my yarsh some correct naija homemade ass whopping

...the fear of Mummy toyintomato is the beginning of excellent grades..lmao

AND a VerY bIg shOut oUt to Callywaffy babe..HAPPY BUFfDAY..MWAHHHHHHHHHHH!

see you guys after my finals
i will reply all your comments then..

signing off
Madam Toyintomato
Self appointed Special Adviser to the Special adviser of the Special Adviser of the Honorable Minister of Information and gossip...hahahah