Thursday, October 25, 2007

3 gbosa for ToyinT


me sef, i tire, anytime i read my posts it almost like i am always on a roller coaster aka Toyin-T the emotional roller costar..guys be very VeRy AFRAID...brouhaha, i am so corny..( sorry Vivian green)
fery plenty tory, plenty tory, i say.

my crazy friend that had an accident , just bough a new car, i refuse to judge, lai-lai, i will not mutter a word. ..oya a little why did she crash her car in an "alleged" accident. hmmn.." shaking my head".....the many scams in America...anyway, i haf comot eyes. what else is happening, i have gone to harras my professor to give me an A, you should have seen, me, Toyin-T at my best, i told prof R, i want an A in this class.any way the naughty prof has aggreed to improve my grade, if i participate more in class, during my period of serious confusications with life, i did not talk in class. i think the Baba Prof kinda missed me.
so i have promised him a full representation of the Toyintomato in classes for the next 2 weeks..

what else is new, haba , see me and me talka-tiveness, okay so i work the front desk( my school job), so i have to answer inquires ..blah.blah blah in short i am a recep/ student office assistant. what ever.

anyway back to my story, a student called and was harrassing me on the phone, i am usually very calm, so i was telling the person calmly, to go to the school website and find the information, after 3 different explanations and the girl still refused.. thats how, my original accent started coming out, then i heard
" TOYIN-T, is that you on the phone , shakaraing me"
..yeparipa.. see my serious laughter. anyway i found out it was one of my friends. so i did the favor for her. what else, anon, is really stressing about my under gee, serious gbeorun , most likely we are related(we both inherited the Gbeborun gene..haha)
anyway if release the full gist, the it will no longer be an undergee relationship. and remember my olowo Ori mi( unknown future fantastic husband) is going to see/read this blog,and i dont want to have to lie.
"undergee has promised me that he will be with me till i marry. so most likely future olowo ori mi might meet him. and so Undergee will forever remain undergee, sorry pips .

..okay, on a side note, i know i have a terrible habit of not replying comments, i really have to work on this.

..what else, see me , i finally went to the GYm, yepa. extreme shock and surprisation of the highest order, i have gained 5 pounds( uk people , do the conversion to kg, my maths has failed me here)
anyway, see how i hit the treadmill i was determined.. operation "beat the pounds" have started, all my semi -fatty foods have gone, i am counting calorie like i am Oprah's best friend(Gail move over jare).
it remain small i wanted to start writing a food journal , then i remembered . this is Toyin_T the Original, the Lepa, in the Lepashandi, the Oreke, in the Orekelewa, Break in the Breakable( nic name in skool), the PLe, in the Omo to Ple, the tomato in the oya i dont have anymore,

digression without purpose, nonsensity i Hiss this useless Fat does not know who it is dealing with.

...what else is new in my life, yes!, there is a guy i think has a crush on me, he invited me out on Friday, i really don't want to go, number 5999999, on Toyin T's words for existing in this crazy world of dating says .

"don't go out with a guy , you are not interested in, even if the guy is really nice and looks good. say

its really practical, most people will know, you will just end up hurting the poor boy for no reason entirely, and damage him for the next girl.. remember i am doin this for the other Single girls out there..haha. what happened with waffycallbabe, i missed all the drama..double Dam.Damn, i am, very sure, it will be related to anon comment. anyway i will go and read "citypeople" this will tame my Gbeborunities for a little while.

hey Fumni, i got you email, hope you are still reading the blog, a couple of my friends have found this blog, no shaking, i have nothing to hide. and in true razz style " big shout out to my Kankon family"

... since i am on this topic, i want to send a request to my Family...
broda, plentz sista,... my uncke kosamo,.... my Aunti tomtom,.... Daddy toyin-t, Big Mummy Number 2,... our drifer baba Action aka babs the action Man...hahahah .

hope you guys are still reading just a temp lapse to channel 7 father christmas time request show ..hahaha

i really am corny, i always seem to crack my self up each time..LMAo

anyway have fun off to class as usual.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

i am tired say i am tired is an understatement, many things are goin on right now, so i am just goin to ramble, please bear with me. my brain/thots have no order right now.

my God father said i should come home, i think he and i have a kindred spirit, he said i need a break.
i changed my mind about applying for my Phd , i really hope i dont regret it later, i will postpone it until 2011.
my undergee, is mad, he wants me to do the Phd, i think he wants bragging rights with his friends, or maybe not, he really isnt like that, he has always supported my drive to succeed, so why is he mad??
i have never had a break, its either skool, or one professional exam or the other, i am forever studying.
i wish i can earn a job as a window cleaner. i don't want to think, i don't even want to be rich, i just want to exist..does that make sense.

anyway, i am job searching now, i need a job by December, why am i not looking forward to this.
i can feel my grades slipping, my hope of 3 A"s is gradually slipping to 2 b's and 1 A, i need to wake up, but i am tired.

i know i have gained weight, but i am tired, i dont feel like doin anything. of my family friends committed suicide, everyone is scared, i know i am not depressed, i am just tired.

maybe, i am tired of living up to the standards, my sister calls me the golden child of the family, ..blah..i motive all the other kids, i am tired of motivating people.
i cant go home yet, i have to do all the numerous other professional exams i promised my mum i would do.

i heard i have to loose more weight becos everyone is expecting me to look on point when i get home,

there is a guy in naija calling me, i know he is bullshitting me, why is he callin me??, i know he has a girlfriend in lagos, i heard he told everyone that i am supposed his yankee girlfriend..nonsense guy.why is everyone hyping me up.

i have to by my ticket to go to atlanta, i dont feel like going, my family is going to be showing me off, i am tired

i want to be just regular, i want to fail, i want to be kicked out of skool, i want the horrible boyfriend that nobody likes, i want to be fat. i dont want to be someones dream.i am tired.
i know i sound a little ungrateful, baba God i really am so sorry.

i wish..i would wake up from this dream i made for my self and be just me.