Thursday, May 31, 2007

still playing around with this blog

i still cant get the correct time, to appear properly on my blogs, and i dont want to ask my one and only IT/computer whizz, cuz he is just goin to abuse me and call me olodo. not that i mind, but i want to at least try and prove to him that i am computer savy....ha ha who am i kiddin

today was barbeque at the office...what did i tell you about my office pips, i ate so much chicken that by the time it was after lunch, i was so sleepy. but again thats why coffee is my number one friend, big ups for star bucks caramel frapachinno....hmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

my Godfather just finish harassing me in an email, wonder how someone all the way in naija can harass me, well its just the naija way of doin things. anyway, this is the gist, am supposed to buy a car, and he is mad, but i just want to see the money in my account, its so uplifting..most students will relate to this, cuz it seems i am always broke. but since i got the money for my car(....okay you can call me a spoilt brat, who still gets an allowance to buy a car, am not mad) dats why i love the naija culture, cuz no matter how old you are, if u are broke someone is sure to settle you.

before i drift again, where was i...then he also harrassed me, for not investing my money...lmao, i told him, i havent eaten belleful, why should i start investing..dont worry this totally contradicts all my finance teachin...haha. i know.

havent been on to a wedding website in a while, i think the love stories are beginning to get to me, cuz i keep wondering how my story is gonna be ...these are a few thing am sure will never apply to me

1: i wont have known my husband who ever it is gonna be for over over 10 years, cuz am 26 now, and am sure i want to get married by 29/30ish,dat rules out the 10years of datin...haha
2: the guy/husband wont be my best friend..cuz most of my best friends end up datin pips that look like me, then tell me about it, no offense, but it just bothers me , why would they date someone that look likes me..anyway i try not to bother about it
3: i am pretty sure , the person will not see me in his sister/friend's picture and ask for my number ...cuz most of my friends are guys, who are a little protective
4:in addition am sure we wont ever meet tru a blind date, cuz i dont do blind dates
5:also we wont have notorious long phone conversations, cuz am known for not pickin up my phone calls
6:our families wont have known each other for ever, cuz usually my sister is the one that dates family friends, thats her thing

so you see, o ti tan funmi, there is almost no hope 4 me gettin, but i have faith in my one and only paddy, God, He has never failed me addition also my mother is seriosly fasting and praying..haha, she has even agreed to setlle for a non african, and thats deep for my mum, an abeokuta born and bred teacher..(i have kinda strayed to the non african/nigerian pool for datin)
don't worry i will always return to dating naija guys, i was just a little tired of the bullshit, and besides am still on "lockdown".

still no sleepy yet, maybe i shld watch a movie, sounds like a plan, me and jamie have a date on my laptop. jamie fox is my aprill/may 07 crush, before it was akon, but am a little envious of how he was dancing with that girl, dat shld have been me. anyway am cool so long as he keeps singing to be. i will be his for at least 3 more crush lasts no less than 3-6monts.
later, am off to my date with jamie fox

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

kinda funny

this i can relate to, cuz back home a mad dog chased me home from skool, practically tore off my skool uniform....lmao, poor girl , at least she wore panties

wonder why the face looks so familiar......hmnnnn

whyyyyyyyyyyyy! dont show it off, if you cant wear it corectly. haba

1st day of summer job still tryin to figure out this bloggin webpage, so give me some time.
i am totally fagged out right now, but if i take a nap, then i will wake up at later and wont be able to sleep, and eventually go late to work

....woke up 7:10 am, totally love my alarm clock, dragged myself 2 work at 8:10am, mind you i wasnt technically late ,my boss already knows about african time, i explained to him that i need 15minutes leeway before i start work,becos am always late...haha
..thank God , so much for the person that created star bucks coffee, i believe he /she should be given a noble prize. i had to train pips today, i was so groggy... 2 cups of coffee, and a half hour later, i was back on proud of myself

am boogieing to tongolo right now, am working my flat ass...haha. heard i shouldn't listen to naija music 2much, becos i would be creatin a mini naija in my room, and defeating the purpose of my assimilation into the American culture..who gives a crap, am addicted to this site it satifies my craving for naijamusic.

so obviously nothing happened 2day, just typical work..saw a cute guy , very sexy dark chocolate and all, but he is another department, so we hardly talked,i just stole glances at him....hmnnnnn he looks so good, i did not even attempt to flirt with him! still on lock down, clinck! clinck!
am trying to think of a way to end my a signature line, anyway am still working on that.

still up

okay, i guess am still up, tryin to decide on a name..totally given up
my godfather told me to update my goals..short term, medium term and longterm, still trying to figure that out...details will be comin up shortly.

love this, am actually trying to figure out the calculation's for guys, i think it might take a while becos there are so many variables when dealin with guys

how i met the blogging world, first of all am addicted to weddin websites which eventually led me to this ...ishe Oluwa o le baje , i actively participated in anonymously readin the blogs and not posting any comments, then i found this blog: NAIJA VIXEN.... and did the same thing as usual, in short am a blog stalker..haha..oti tan fun mi

talkin about stalkers, i had one last year, so am a little paranoid now about my personal information out there...long story the guy knew my name, googled it, found my schedule , tracked me down, went to my former apartment , came to my job, ...and of course as a naija chic i called the popo on him....jeye boy.

am here..finally

am sure no one will ever read this, but i cant actually believe am bloggin, usually i rite crap on my hi5 and facebook i guess, i wont be updating that in a while.
starting my summer job 2morrow/today since am still up .....8am sharp, not really excited , but the pay is great, free housing and lots and lots..of barbecue....yes i kno my office pips love to free food for me also..

i think am supposed to introduce myself...okay lets start
1: am known for my crazy,off wall comments/ideas on everthin, its very hard for me say i dont have an idea about a topic..."my mum's influence" growin up with a teacher is not easy u have to constantly update your knowledge on all issues

2: love to laugh and smile a lot....
3: many nicknames ranging from..Nigerian Nitemare....becos i throw a mean punch, to breakable becos i was a so skinny..dont worry dats all changed a proud 150 pounds same as tyra banks(..okay dat was a small lie, i actually weigh 154..haha)
4:totally obssesed with t.v. i am a compulsively addicted to flippin the channels.i love my remote control. i also love movies, but prefer watchin them at home...not a great fan of movietheaters..but realize i have to go becos dats where guys like takin girls out for dates.
5:am also a tallie, and i love wearing shoes with at least 6inch am usually taller than most pips i meet.
6:....and by now , u realize am female, currently am on lockdown, my official term for no dating till november, anyway i have had way 2 much drama from the dating scene, so i decided to voluntary remove myself, and rejuvenate myself...yepa i used a big word..".reju!" am proud of myself the millions of dollars on my education is not goin to waste...

7: and of course, am a student, and am supposed to be a very serious finance, yeah rite..i missed that memo on stereotypes, becos i usually cant believe am in the same class with my classmates.i try very hard to be "serios" in class...serios meanin..discuss management style techniques used in the apprentice..which i don't give a crap about...besides Donald trump always cracks me up,
i also try very very hard not to laugh when we talk about the high suicide rate of stockbrokers, i personally think we finance pips just like using big words and figures to bullshit pips...anyway i love my classes, i look good in a suit, and finally i play a mean golf...i am destined for success in the world of finance!
oya am tired of writin about myself, i hope this didnt come out 2 concited
okay i got to go, now i will try to update this regularly..hope i didn't throw 2manny bombs out there..aka spellin mistakes, its after 12, and am a little groggy..
peace out..the world of bloggin