Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Busy ..Busy..Busy

sorry, pips, it might take a a couple of weeks for me to settle down,
just relocated to Boston, for my new job, trying to settle down into my new apartment,

so give me some time, everything is very hectic right now

i'll be back...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

and i really liked this one.....(shhh ..its a secret)

you know, i really should just give up on guys...true talk. gbo-gbo nonsense yi, is just getting on my last dam nerves.

becos all this dramatilizations occurring in my ever crazy life never seems to end.

okay, so i hung up the phone on him, whats the big deal, maybe i was just looking for a way out that will hurt his feelings and give me a clear pass to waka away= move on

you know,

1: his work hours were crazy, i wasn't talking or seeing him, i had a slight feeling it was all about sex,

2: anyway i was getting tired of the falling asleep on the phone crap becos he is tired and just came out of surgery,

3: or the putting me on hold, drama becos his pager went off,

4: or no being able to go out on proper dates cos he was on call and his hospital might page him,

5: or him working nights, or him coming to take me out on dates in his scrubs becos he was really tired and culdnt go home to change....the list goes on

to continue the story, hahah, i brought up the issue of us not hanging out, thats how this brotha starts talking about me saying i want a relationship, ..WHAT. i think he must think he was God's creation to girls..

he wasn't listening, he was just hearing what he wanted to hear, i wasn't talking becos i wanted to take this further, i was talking becos i was tired!!

there really was no point trying to tell him that i was tired of all this and wanted to waka far=walk away.

so i just hung up the phone..KAPPISh.. end of story, so am single usual here is another story again about me and guys.

and i really liked this one.


not to sound like a bitch, i really liked him, but he not making time for me was hurting me,and i had to look out 4 myself.
his schedule/work hours was crazy , this wasn't his fault. it was the wrong time for both of us. i had to let him go or he was goin to end up hurting me.