Thursday, December 11, 2008

Maybe its time for me to Hide now

so i found my diary from 2003, a bunch of crap and a bunch of hilarious hilariticios stories

since its my dairy this might be more personal than funny , so enjoy

Nov,02,2005: Description of Guys or maybe one guy in my life

So am waiting for Mr Right or Mr out of Sight, and then i begin to doubt, so i decide to have a little fun with MR FOR NOW and wind up hurt and confused

I spend some time with MR TOO Good to be TrUE until i realize , he IS, and am left with a broken heart.

MR ALMOST and MR PRETTY come along, but the more i get to know them , the further from the ideal they seem. they are NOT perfect, but if i am honest neither am I

Then Gbam!! Mr SEEMINGLY GOOD but BAD comes along then am sucked back it again..gosh! when will this cycle end.


Just...Toluwa said...

longest tym...welcome bac. Hope u r okay!

Anonymous said...

Dont we all! Uhmmmm....

...toyintomato said...

@Toluwa- am good, just checked out your blog, very impressed - sorry i ran away before i could leave a comment. don't worry next time

@Temite- the cycle never ends- don't we all