Saturday, December 20, 2008

the Trouble with lagos

Okay, maybe i feel a bit better, after running around blogville in total joblessness, i have decided to give you some correct gist.

Alausa Secretariat is not for the weak

So this early afternoon, i had an appointment in alausa , i wanted to look"Hot!!(insert dbanj Mogono feli feli soundtrack)

thats how my naughty grandmum cooked jollof-rice with meat and moi-moi as breakfast. politely i told her that the outfit that i was wearing would not permit and i say it again PERMIT- any form of eating whatsoever.

my grand mum was highly distressed at this sad turn of evens and promptly called mummy toyinyomato to address the issue.

result- i had a heavy breakfast, and grad mum toyintomato was appeased

so at 2pm, due to traffic reports at ikordodu road and ikeja about the impossibility of driving , i proceeded to master plan B and took a Cab/taxi to alausa.(My only great idea)

- thats where the problem began

i decided to sightsee a little bit and got out a few miles before my stop , since i have not had the opportunity to see lagos on foot.(my first bad idea for the day )

then it happened, the first Honk, hmm

then this same car went and made another Uturn to come around, then a second car started honkin at me,

note to guys- Honking at girls on the road is so not cool.

to avoid further embarrassment to my babe status , i decided to cross the street hurriedly(my second bad idea for the day) thats when two Ibo guys got off and okada and started hooting at me, mind you my skirt was not short and my boobs was not out.

thats when i occured to me i really should not be walking the streets of lagos if i am really shy.
and thats the trouble with lagos


classybabe said...

Lol,One needs a thick skin in that town.I laugh whenever i remember going to Tejuosho market, those ibo guys used to make me laugh with all their antics

The Boob Sistas said...

Babes, you just made my mouth water big time. I lurveeeee moimoi. Hmmm don't make me take the next plane to Naija else na you go pay oh lol.

Compliments of the season and please visit my new blog when you can.

Take care.

Just...Toluwa said...

you crack me up. Guys in Lagos are really creepy!

darkelcee said...

cos u are hot

princesa said...

Trust the guys, never slackers!

Next time babes dont walk the streets looking hot:)

La Reine said...

Have you heard the song 'What if Feels like for a Girl'? If you're fine, wahala, if you're not, wahala.

Don't mind them jare!
You're just too much for them ;)