Monday, September 22, 2008

his name is ERIC!!!

Eric, and i have become very good friends, fortunately i can never recognize him. this is the tory of how i met Eric,

after a long and exhausting and totally excruiating day( wey dem.. i used big grammer...a round of applause for me)
so back to the gist, at precisely 3 :23 am..(don't worry i know the exact time)
thats how madam Tot- starting hearing

oh Eric!..OH! ..oh!.. Oh ERIC

thats how i open just one eye look at my bedside clock..3:20am , i adjusted my sleeping position, checked my windows and put my sleep back in cruise control and carry go.

**hiss , nonsense neighbors.. trying to wake madam T up inbetween my sweet fanimorous, fantastic and inactual fact joloful sleep

2:23 am- ERIC, ERIC...ERIC......haba winsh ones is this Eric...(*this early momo)

2: 37 am - gboom!!!, gboom!!! haba see me see trouble my wall is vibrating

Mr Eric was getting his grind on at my own expense
.options to consider

1: hit the wall back with a stick
2: call the cops - complain about noise disturbance
3; ignore him , the average **** (fill in the gap) rate is 20 mins, he will soon tire

i choose option 3, you people know how i LUrve my sleep. by now my anger was raised to power 5 ... but as a correct babe i checked the anger .. quick quick..

finally my sleep ran way, and gbeboruniciousnities took over , i decided to see , how long Mr Eric can go on
4:am- everyTHing is quiet
4:10am- Mr Eric started again
4:28 am - Mr Eric stopped
5:12 am - Mr Eric started again

Haba ..serious vexation of the highest order, abi these oloribuku's dont have work this morning it 5am, i have lost 2 hours of sleep.
..i refuse to get angry, you know am single "wink"..i don't want to act like a frustrated desperado..hahah

6am- No way, Mr Eric is still goin strong.

Due to my utmost respect for Mr Eric in achieving this unbelievable feat for 3hrs, i decided to call in to work late to honor him and listen for his GRAND FINALE..

unfortunately.. i fell asleep!!!.. SEE MY LIFE ..

but i know i can always recognize Mr Eric- i got his



Anonymous said...

jus what are you intend to dideth with that piecing of informatings, ehn?
soundtrack koo musical ni.

but, the guy try shaa

Just...Toluwa said...

so much for hoping he wld get tired...

i for don call 911...ahn ahn, which kain nonsense is dt? i too luv my sleep abeg!



Haven't been here in a while. How are you?


jay said...

love ur blog!!just read through it!!u live in my city

jay said...

lol!!i think say na only me this dey happen to in boston o!in my old apt i hrd my neighbours moaning and screaming on a sunday afternoon!!i mean this people lived in the next buliding not my own building and i could hear them!!!

Abujamaiden said...

1st time here!

Thats why I don't like wooden walls here in yankee. Unlike houses in Naija, with the concrete blocked house, you can't bearing ERIC screams!

Oyibo sef!

Kafo said...

i couldn't figure iit out
i was like
who is Eric
na wa ooooooooooooooo

Anonymous said...

lmaoo, Eric has got the power oo, maybe he had redbull...

Long time!!!


fantasy queen said...

Lol' I'm loving mr eric too.
Maybe next time u'll b the one getting his ring tone ringing LMAO!