Sunday, September 21, 2008

yePAAH- see my Life

in actual fact i am totally horrifies, No wrong word, , i am totally embarrassment and disgraced.
the last time i blogged was in May, this is September.

..everyone begged, they sent email, the made phone calls, ..and my stupid, gbense, stubborn head, refused to make time ... i busy chasing boy up and down boston , and now "boy " has gone, so am back to being single again, ...hahaha

..shhh, now i have to add this to my list of things i don't see thru.

anyway..AM BAAAAACK!!!, this might not be too regular but i will at least try.

to get myself back into the "inner circle of Blogville"

MAdam Tot- aka toyintomato is back,
decided to be 2008 compliant



Just...Toluwa said...

welcome back, Ttomato...

i like ur english jare! hope to c more!

ibilola said...

eh ehn!!! so it is bcos of man dat u abandon us, abi? Well sha, now dat u have remembered us, let d gist commence... lol

Welcome back. Missed u lots and lots and lots...

Jaycee said...

Chasing boy in Boston? Lol...

Oh well, welcome back...:)