Saturday, May 17, 2008

Walk into the Guy's Toilet..Nobody will stop you..True!

okay, so i was at the airport, and as usual, the planes were delayed, anyhow, i was funmming and lamenting, cause, i was supposed to be at work, and my darling boss does not play with lateness- aka Tardiness..

anyway.. so piss was catching me, and i walked over to the ladies, however i was talking to one of my toasters and he was trying to calm me down, so i did not want to enter the ladies.."you know guys can actually hear you when you pee, they just pretend like they did not hear anything :)

on a side loving this song right now..wait at 48secs, my dance moves goes into over -Drive

anyway back to the story, so i was walking in circles.."hot piss delaying tactic" when the boy finally got of the phone , that's how i ran in the toilet, as i entered, i saw one baba smile at me, so am like..hmnn this airport must be co-ed.

so, thats how , i carry go, i continued walking in looking for a free stall..that's how, i was confronted with exactly 3 bare buts of guys..,

my stupid brain still did not click... i was like okay i will check the left side, they will have the toilets that have doors that you can close...(p.s its not my fault my skool is co-ed, gender equality nothing surprises, guys sleep in the same room with girls....and so many other things)

finally my light bulb blew up...Shooo!... am in the guy"s toilet...

if you see the 4-40 , i used to run out, i carried my 2
kobo-kobo Leggs and ran like hot piss was catching me(which in fact it was )..
anyway the airport security guys saw me run, u shld have seen them they laughing so hard !

..stupid me, i was talking on the phone and i did not look up at the sign for the toilet, i just waka /walked in
like my father built it...also how come the guys never even stopped me, they were all just smiling

lesson learnt= if you go into the guys toilet, no body will stop you!

HMnn i wonder, .. will they have ever told me, i was in the wrong toilet/bathroom


archiwiz said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Oh my goodness....I'm laughing sooo hard. Gosh, that was hilarious, hilarious, hilarious. Did any of the guys see you? So those ones outside just kept laughing? They resisted smart comments? LOL...pele ohh.

fluffycutething said...

Thank God say u never open your abuna.... Na that one go worse pass LMAO

classybabe said...

Lol,see no evil.If it was reverse,the women would have been screaming the place down

Anonymous said...

it could only have happened to u

hi babes

Sting said...

That has happened to me b4. I actually peed, and was washing my hands when this dude came out of the toilet. He was washing his hands and looking at me, while i was looking at him crazy like what the heck is he doing here. Well, since he appeared so confident i quickly walked out and looked at the sign on the door... MEN!

Anonymous said...

Guys are laid back. Compared to the time I accidentaly walked into the ladies.. that's for another blog.. :-)

princesa said...

lol! Am sure they wouldnt have told you. They'd be too busy trying to catch a glimpse,lol!

Manda said...

i have used male toilet like 2ice... i think i blogged about one and the 2nd tyme i was soooo pressed i could not hold it nemore. good thing is, i always met it empty!


Oh, please! I prefer to use the boy's toilet. Less lines, and they are cleaner. besides, most guys don't mind a girl using their restroom. Just make sure you go in with a girlfriend or guy friend, so the boys don't get any silly ideas. =)

Hey, when are you gonna update, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

ha haaaaa. lol! its true u know, they dont stop u and they keep smiling.

i remember wen i walked into the guy's sauna @ my gym, all they did was smile and it took mi sum time to register it tho. funny stuff.

webround said...

hope you're enjoying Boston. if you're still there, make sure you go whale watching b4 leaving. the booking office is somewhere around south station

Ms. emmotions said...

u lucky!
i was goin into the 'Ladies' in my office and guess who was rushing out and adjustin his trouser?

a man, in fact i hissed so loud he could hear, i think a woman goin into the gent is far better than them comin into ours, they are just too dirty !