Thursday, April 24, 2008

Assault of one boobs and many boobies

okay i know, the weather is getting warmer, but, haba, is it becos i am new to this city, or maybe it is a trend, ..
so i got on the T,aka subway, this morning , and low and behold, a pair of nipples assaulted my very dear eyes,.. so my serious curiosity got hold of me, and i looked up to see the face that owned the boobies, it was an Old Woman, okay so maybe she was tired of wearing a bra, i forgave her lack of judgment,

a couple of minutes later, at south station, i am going up the stairs, and i raised
my head up...KILODe..what What..damn!!, another set of waist level boobies, this lady's boobs, was almost hitting her belly button.

what maybe this is a Boston craze, you know am from Rochester, its really cold there, so nobody is would even dare leaving their house bra-less, before the -2 degree cold weather will freeze ure damn titties off, its goin to be like somehone is hanging some large ice cubes off your boobs,, i digress again...sorry.

okay back to my story of the boobs assault, so i decided to grab a smoothy and of course, i saw another bra-less, hanging boobs, so i decided not to be bothered again,

based on my empirical survey and serious analysis, i think this is a Boston trend, maybe its an unspoken tradition, ""when the weather is warm, throw out your bras""..hahha..

oky, so i got on the train, and finally had peace, yeah, i could read my paper with being assaulted from left right and centre,
so i opened up the paper, the first 5 sentences i read, i screamed like a true RAzzz BABE that i am, the guy behind me was like,..oh you just read page 1.(cant find the link, but its a TRue!! story, ..touch my tongue)

so the article was that, they caught a New jersey cop, getting a Blow job from a Cow, oya let me use proper English, he was receiving fellatio aka oral sex ...hahaha, from a COW!, its officially called bestiality to animals...hahahah

poor cow, how did the cow know its supposed to suck, oh useless brain, is coming up with so many explanations..

but one thing i am sure of, without any doubt in my mind, the bra-less boobs of these Boston old women,is a serious contributing factor , to that guy going to do the Nasty-Nasty with cow..

"shaking my head"....really !!



lol! I haven't been here is a while but this update is simply cracking me up!!!!!

Lighty said...

lololol. goodness mi. that officer must av been smokin something wat is this fetish wit people and animals ayyyy? and toyint, would u plz stop lookin at pple's breastises?

argh! there is a good deal of fresh air here i must say.

how av u been?

30+ said...


Anonymous said...

Shei, did he drink burukutu in the morning? And whats with the nipples??!?!?

"(cant find the link, but its a TRue!! story, ..touch my tongue)" that made me laugh....

Today's ranting said...

U crack me up babes.

uNWrItten* said...

lol lol..that is sooooo gross...ewwwwwwwww
hope ur ok after seeing that mess..
love d blog..u ar hilarious!

Omosewa said...

Lmao@boob show and u screaming, buhahahahahahaah i didnt hear about the cop o, o je igbe ni, wot rubbish.

Hope u r well sha, im liking ur braids jare, omoge!

The Last King Of Scotland said...

i like boobs but i aint never going to that city, thanks to ur post. how r u?

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, you arent so consistent anymore. Some of your fans miss you you know. Nice post, really funny. Im wondering, the Cop was not afraid the Cow will chew off his dick abi? Nawa o

Anonymous said...

ewwwwwwww blow job from a COW??

Anonymous said...

ewwwwwwww blow job from a COW??

naijabloggers said...

crazy cop.

Olamild said...

your latest post is mad funny hahahahah sorry o

Naapali said...

haba why dem insult the poor cop's girlfriend like that. so what that she has a few extra pounds on her :-)